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Free Standing Cabinet are produced with emphasis on aesthetic design, flexibility, sturdy construction and protection for networking and various structured cabling components. Free standing cabinet has versatile racking system, modern looks and economical design that have set a new standard for enclosures, racks.

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Free Standing Cabinets

We provide high quality Free Standing Cabinets that are produced combining aesthetic design and sturdy construction with emphasis on flexibility, strength and protection for networking and various structural cabling components. The Free Standing Cabinets offered by us are compatible with all the applications such as LAN/WAN, Networking, Telecommunication, Computer System, audio/visual broadcast industries and datarooms. Their versatile racking system, modern looks and economical design has set a new standard for enclosure/racks. The Cabinet is manufactured completely inhouse in compliance with the international manufacturing standards.

Rack Units (U) Width (W) mm Depth (D) mm
600 800 1000
9 600 CMC-FS-966 On Request On Request
12 600 CMC-FS-1266 CMC-FS-1268 On Request
15 600 CMC-FS-1566 CMC-FS-1568 On Request
18 600 CMC-FS-1866 CMC-FS-1868 On Request
22 600 CMC-FS-2266 CMC-FS-2268 On Request
27 600 CMC-FS-2766 CMC-FS-2768 CMC-FS-27610
32 600 CMC-FS-3266 CMC-FS-3268 CMC-FS-32610
42 600 CMC-FS-4266 CMC-FS-4268 CMC-FS-42610
47 600 CMC-FS-4766 CMC-FS-4768 CMC-FS-47610
27 800 CMC-FS-2766 CMC-FS-2788 CMC-FS-27810
32 800 CMC-FS-3266 CMC-FS-3288 CMC-FS-32810
42 800 CMC-FS-4266 CMC-FS-4288 CMC-FS-42810
47 800 CMC-FS-4766 CMC-FS-4788 CMC-FS-47810

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